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    RESILIENT COMFORT: Climate Change, COVID and Ventilation

    5th-6th September 2022, Edinburgh with In-Person and On-Line delegates

    COVID and Climate Change have fundamentally altered the way buildings will have to be designed today, for a different tomorrow

    Radical progress is now essential, and is happening, to create buildings that are ahead of the curve in wisely directing investments in rapidly evolving markets. Emerging research, new thinking and innovative design developments will be brought to CATE22 by academics, professionals, politicians and industry experts assembled to discuss and explore how to keep people safer, healthier and affordably comfortable in buildings and cities in a fast changing world. At the heart of many of the necessary step changes ahead is the need to provide resilient comfort indoors.

    A stellar list of international keynote speakers on COVID and Design, will join leading Comfort researchers and experts involved in new approaches to the Ventilation of Buildings and related Building Regulations and Standards.

    The draft programme of plenary sessions is interspersed with ten specialist Workshops on the Key Themes below to enable delegates to share their own work, learn from others and discuss ways forward, frankly, with fellow experts in emerging fields.

    This conference comes at a crucial time when buildings are too often failing to keep people thermally safe and healthy under pressures from, not least, the COVID Pandemic and extreme weather events. New thinking on the Thermal Comfort in buildings, particularly for the vulnerable old, young and sick, will be explored in relation not only to how buildings and cities perform today, but also in relation to the impending impacts of soaring energy prices, faltering economies and turmoil in social and political systems. Understanding occupant responses to their thermal environment can involve physics, behavioural psychology, physiology, sociology, architecture, planning, urban design and behavioural science. All disciplines are invited, and welcome.

    Politicians can no longer avoid the inconvenient truth that the majority of their populations simply cannot afford to be ‘comfortable’ all year, in most climates. Fundamental issues of Comfort Justice will also be discussed because, as we now acknowledge that no one is safe until everyone is safe. An honest re-think of related issues is needed, not least on how to shift political focus away from industry and developer priorities and towards a Public Interest emphasis in emerging legislation.

    Building on the international success of the Windsor Conferences on Comfort and the Comfort at the Extremes Conferences in Dubai and Oman we hope that bringing such diverse groups together in this forum focussing on COVID, Comfort and Ventilation, will enable us, together, to lay realistic, effective, multi-disciplinary foundations on which can be built societies and cultures better able to Adapt to Survive and Thrive in the increasingly unpredictable decades of 21st century ahead.

    Please join us, either in person or on-line, in Edinburgh on the 5th and 6th September to help us start building those foundations.

    Conference Chairs:

    Susan Roaf

    Emeritus Professor of Architectural Engineering,
    Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

    Rajat Gupta

    Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Climate Change and Director of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development,
    Oxford Brookes University


    COVID-19 in Buildings: Lessons and Impacts
    Extreme Weather Design
    Natural Ventilation: New Thinking
    Thermal Comfort: New Directions
    Physiology at the extremes
    Resilient Cities and Communities
    Energy and Emissions: Drivers and Impacts
    Behaviours and Controls
    Building Case Studies: Offices, Homes, Care Homes, Schools
    Drivers and Barriers for Change: Regulations and Standards