CATE 2019 – Comfort at the Extremes: Energy, Economy and Climate

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    Heriot Watt University, Dubai, 10th – 11th April 2019

    How do we adapt our Buildings, Cities and Shelters to keep us not only comfortable, but also thermally safe and healthy in a Warming World?

    The 10th and 11th PROGRAMME includes KEYNOTE SPEAKERS in Plenary Sessions and specialist paper sessions in Pioneering WORKSHOPS.

    We invite ABSTRACTS and REGISTRATIONS from researchers, civic and governments bodies, construction organisations and industries affected by extreme temperatures to share, compare and build on experiences and explore emerging solutions and opportunities.

    Join us also for a FIELD TRIP on the morning of the 12th to a Sustainable Development and the WINDCATCHER SETTLEMENT of BASTAKIA

    In the face of an ever more extreme climate the world is calling urgently for answers to questions of how people can stay not only comfortable, but also thermally safe and healthy in a warming world. Current and future temperature trends and events threaten not only buildings, settlements and cities but also the temporary settlements built to cope them such as transient populations.

    For the first time ever, we are gathering leading international figures from many fields to discuss crucial questions and ways forward on how to best provide Comfort at the Extremes in the complex political and economic environments we occupy.

    Building on our premier global networks on multi-disciplinary Comfort research (see: and ) we are reaching out to researchers, governments, organisations and industries affected by extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, to look in detail at the nature and scale of the challenge, possible solutions and future opportunities. We will also explore the means to hand to build the more resilient buildings, operations and infra-structures we need to be able to withstand growing extremes. The greatest architectural challenge of our age is to design for an evolving ‘New Comfort Normal’ for buildings and cities as the world warms and ensure that people can occupy it.

    Where better to explore the subject than in one of the hottest regions in the world, The Gulf, where the impacts of global warming can prove challenging on a daily basis? Hosted by Heriot Watt University working with a great team of researchers from across the Middle East and beyond, CATE 19 will be a landmark conference dealing with design issues in both high and low temperatures. Please Join us to start and develop a globally important conversation on the ‘comfort at the extremes’.

    Fergus Sig
    Fergus Nicol
    London Metropolitan University
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    Sue Roaf
    Heriot Watt University
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    Heriot Watt University

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